How I Earned An Extra $10,000 In One Year (While I Was A Full-time Instructional Coach)

When my goal is to get my money-making juices flowing, one of my favorite things to do is to listen to podcasts. One day, as I drove home from a rather trying day in my role as instructional coach, true to form I turned on my podcast player. Much to my delight, Pat Flynn was interviewing a couple who had earned a small fortune doing something they called FBA. Now I knew all about Amazon; I am the queen of Prime 2-Day Shipping. But the idea of selling stuff on Amazon to earn money was a totally new idea for me.

I quickly discovered that becoming an Amazon seller is one of the easiest side-businesses a teacher can start. Overall, the upfront invest can be minimal, and you have the backing of a big brand like Amazon, so making a quick profit can happen when done the right way.

I was so inspired by this husband and wife duo that I immediately took action to start my own Amazon selling business. It wasn’t long before ALL of my friends and family began asking me to teach them how to sell on Amazon. In true teacher form, I created a course with all of the details of getting started. (Here’s a link to the course with a steep discount.) It’s designed to help teachers like you decide if Amazon FBA is might be a good fit for you.

In my year of selling on Amazon, I earned around nearly $10,000. This was with a full-time job as an instructional coach and family so it was very part-time. Here are some commonly asked questions my teacher friends ask about my life as a part-time FBA’er.



What does it really mean to sell on Amazon?

Essentially, you are running your own an online store hosted by Amazon. You source products for your store and ship them to Amazon. You make money by buying these products low prices and selling them at a higher price on Amazon. For example, if your local Wal-Mart has a doll on clearance for $5 that is selling for $25 on Amazon, you by the doll at Wal-Mart then resell on Amazon. When a customer purchases one of your items, Amazon then ships your item from their warehouse to the customer making the purchase. Amazon charges you a fee for storing and shipping and your product and you receive the remaining as profit.

How do I become an Amazon Seller?

The very first task you have to complete is to set up your Amazon Seller account. This is probably the simplest part of selling on Amazon; just answer a few demographic questions, choose a store name, and your set to go. Amazon requires you to have a credit or debit card to cover any monthly payments or fees you incur until you start making money. You’ll also need a social security number or business EIN for tax purposes.

How much do I need to invest in my Amazon store?

This is a very popular question asked from teachers, because if we are honest, teachers aren’t exactly rolling in the dough. The first thing to remember is the more you can invest in profitable products, the more you will earn in profit.

I would recommend getting as close to $1,000 to start as you can to start. You will need money to buy both inventory and selling supplies when you begin. I started with this amount and steadily grew as I went.

If you are really strapped for cash and want to test the waters, start with the Individual Seller plan and sell items from your house and classroom that you do not use (be sure these are items you personally purchased). Books were a gold mine for me when I was started selling. All of the books that I’d already read and did not intend to read again, I sold them on Amazon. I earned more than $300 from those books, and this was the exact proof I needed to validate the profitability of this new venture.

Download this free PDF for the exact list of supplies I used to get started. They are listed in the order I purchased them as my Amazon business grew.

Where can I buy products to sell in my Amazon store? 

My favorite stores for sourcing products are Target, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, and TJMaxx. I’ve also had lots of success finding products online at specialized websites like online stores for health and wellness and outdoor supplies. These are often hit and miss so it’s best to determine a niche of products to sell in your store, then find 10-15 reputable stores to find products. Toys, health and wellness, household goods, and grocery are all popular selling categories that are easy to start with.

Why should teachers consider selling on Amazon?

I discovered early in the process that is was great part time income for a teacher or educator who works at a school full-time during the day. On the weekends, or as you have time after school and during holiday breaks, you can pop into a local store and source products for your store. Inventory can be prepped and shipped to Amazon warehouses whenever you have time and you can literally work as little or a much as you want in this side business.

Selling on Amazon allows me to earn extra money while I work as an educator and care for my family. And because I love shopping, I am now able to do so with a purpose.

To get immediate access to the quick start course I created for new Amazon sellers, click this link.

Download this free PDF for the exact list of supplies I used to get started. They are listed in the order I purchased them as my Amazon business grew.

And if you’re really thinking about starting and Amazon business OR you love shopping online and want to make some extra money doing it, sign up for Ebates to earn cash back on your purchases.

What do you think about this side-hustle? Let me know in the comments below.







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