Questions Reflective Educators Ask When Pondering Career Transition


For educators, making the decision to transition out of the classroom and into a new job or edupreneurial venture can be scary and challenging. While some aspire to retire as a traditional classroom teacher, many educators seek flexible and more lucrative alternatives.

With modern technology, the opportunities available to earn income in the field of education without necessarily being in the classroom are increasing exponentially. Also, with the internet and social media, positions have to be created that never existed before. Are you exploring the idea of transitioning out of the classroom? Here are some questions to ask yourself prior to making that leap.

  1.       What is my end goal in this transition?

The decision to transition from a traditional classrooms setting is unique to everyone. Some may want to increase their income. Others may want added flexibility to care for young children or elderly parents. Others may have reasons unique to the previous mention. Whatever the reason, it is important to be very clear on why you want to make the transition. Doing so will ensure that you seeking opportunities that are well aligned to your ultimate goal.

  1.     What are my unique skills and abilities?

Teaching requires one to have a variety of skills. Identify those skills that are your strengths and those you really enjoy doing. For example, if you enjoy working with small groups of students but would rather not be responsible for working with adult learners, tutoring would be a better fit for you than being a trainer for an education publisher. Both are viable and lucrative options for teachers but both may not be the best fit for you.

  1.     What is my transition plan?

Transition from the stable income and benefits of being a teacher can be intimidating, and have a clear plan outlined for the transition is critical to your sanity. If desiring to work as freelance writer, this can easily be accomplished while maintaining your classroom position until you’ve built a demand for your work that will sustain the income that you require. It may take longer to achieve this level is choosing to sell products on Teachers Pay Teachers. Leaving the classroom may be an immediate transition in a contract position is accepted with a major publisher that has great demand for consultants. Having a clear plan is the key ensuring that the process serves your indented end goal.

The benefits of seeking work in education that allows you to serve from outside the classroom are endless and individual. Exploring the questions outlined will challenge your thinking and help to clarify your unique reasons for considering this option. Doing the proper work upfront will the likelihood of a successful transition if pursued.

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