5 Undeniable Facts About Identifying Your Ideal Client + a Free Ideal Client Workbook

If you attempt to market your products or services to everyone, you will end up appealing to no one. This may sound unfortunate, but it is devastatingly true.

Fact 1: If you market to everyone, you will appeal to no one.

Attracting paying clients can be quite the task for businesses and brands, especially those serving educators. The truth is this: educators work very hard for their money, and as a result, we are rightfully very picky about how and with whom we spend it.

We will gladly buy products or services that are created specifically to solve our problems and make our lives easier.

Clearly identifying your ideal client can be difficult and full of stress. But doing so is important if you want to easily and effectively attract your ideal clients and sell more of what you are offering.

Fact 2: Clearly identifying your ideal client is critical for the success of your business.

In this post, I teach you exactly how to identify and connect with your ideal client. (Click here to get your free ideal client workbook)

I believe strongly that your business should be built on passion and purpose. Clearly outlining you and your brand will help you better serve your clients. Before thinking specifically about your clients, you must start by outlining some specifics about yourself.

Here are some questions you should begin with:

  • What excites you?
  • What specific problem do you solve and what solution do you offer?
  • What makes you uniquely skilled to solve the problem listed above?
  • Describe the exact person you would be absolutely thrilled to work with or have purchase your products.

My client avatar: I am excited about helping teachers create careers and businesses they absolutely adore, so much so that I dream about it during my sleep. I love that I can work as an educator AND earn a fabulous income AND spend tons of time at home with my family. My goal is to help every teacher, who is ready and willing, achieve this as his or her reality. I solve two major problems for teachers. First, I help teachers who are ready to transition out of the classroom explore their options and secure a position more aligned to their ideal. I also help teachers with a business (or who desire to have a business) monetize and grow. I am uniquely skilled to help teachers navigate the career and entrepreneurial side of income generation because I was once a full-time teacher and I’m now a freelance educator and owner of Edupreneur Today, a business I run primarily online. I absolutely love working with teachers who are primed and ready to action to up-level their career or business.

Next, let’s focus on the person you are serving. Who is ready, willing and able to pay you for your products or services? The key here is not trying to appeal to everyone, but focusing on that one person who is heads over heals in love with what you are offering. This person will feel like you are specializing in solving their problems and helping them achieve their goals.

Fact 3: People are naturally attracted to specialist, not generalist.

Fact 4: Creating and marketing content will be easier when you know exactly who are creating for and marketing to.

To identify this person, consider these questions:

  • What does your ideal client look like? Where were they born? What age are they?
    What do they currently do for a career?
  • Think about your ideal client on a typical day. What is one problem that they have?
  • What does your ideal client value? What are their goals for the next year?
  • What are three ways, through products or services, you can to help them solve this problem and achieve their goals?

My example: My ideal client is a woman who has worked as an educator 3-10 years. She is either ready to transition to an out of the classroom position or she has a stagnant business that she’s ready to grow immediately. She is either burned out from teaching in the classroom, looking for the next step as she climbs the career ladder, or has a deep desire to replace her teaching income with revenue from her side-business. She’s probably married with children.  Her top goals are to earn extra money and work fewer hours each week than she is currently as a classroom teacher. Ultimately, she’s a classroom teacher who needs help outlining how to get where she wants to go next in her career or business.

Now that you’ve successfully outlined your passions and identified the details of your ideal client, you are ready to find and connect with that person.

Inside the workbook, I include a section to help find and connect with your clients.

Why does this matter?

As you build your products and services, and begin to market them, you want to be sure that you are spending time in places where your clients are already hanging out. You have to use the right platforms, just because it is your favorite one does not mean that is where your ideal clients are.

Fact 5: You should market to your ideal clients on platforms they already use.

Grab your free five-page workbook by clicking below. It includes the questions outlined above, with ample space to document your thoughts, plus questions to help find and connect with your clients.

Ideal Client Workbook


Clearly identifying your ideal client can be difficult and full of stress. But doing so is important if you want to easily and effectively attract your ideal clients and sell more of what you are offering. This five-page workbook is designed to help your define and find your ideal clients.

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  • Wonderful tips! Thank you for sharing!

    Jenna from http://www.visionsofvogue.com

    • Edupreneur Today

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

  • Roy Miller

    What a great business. Helping teachers must be very rewarding. Your tips for knowing your market and customers is spot on.

    • Edupreneur Today

      Hi Roy. I really love that I am able to work with teachers. Thanks for commenting.

      • Roy Miller

        You are very welcome.

  • All valid points.

    • Edupreneur Today

      Thanks LaNesha

  • Desirée Freile Crowley

    You are right on the money! If you talk to everyone you serve no one! Great post!

    • Edupreneur Today

      Thanks Desiree!

  • Marissa Abao

    ‘Fact 2: Clearly identifying your ideal client is critical for the success of your business.’ This is so true. As a Virtual Assistant, I cannot do everything. I would love to be able to do a lot of stuff to get more clients but it is not possible.

    • Edupreneur Today

      I agree. There’s no way we can do it all.

  • Raquel

    I have heard so much about creating a client avatar but have never actually taken the time to make one :/

    • Edupreneur Today

      Hey Raquel. When I did this, it literally changed my business. Download my free workbook to get started.

  • This is sooooo true! When I first started my photography business 10 years ago, I took anyone that would pay me! A couple of years ago I got burnt out so I decided to raise my prices and only target those that truly valued the art of photography. I now make MORE than what I did and also work A LOT less, simple because I am targeting the right group of people. I also do not take every perspective client that inquires =)

    • Edupreneur Today

      Hey Bridget. Making more while working less means you’re doing something right 😁

  • Shearly Reyes

    I love how specially talk about specializing in something, not generalizing!!! I think this is sooo helpful!!!

    • Edupreneur Today

      I couldn’t agree more Shearly

  • I’m working on next years business plan now. You cannot believe how timely this post is for me. Thank you!

    • Edupreneur Today

      Hi Lori. I’m happy it was helpful

  • Emily Lindsey

    These are essential steps to make you stand out, for sure!!