Get More Done In Less Time With An Ideal Week Template

The biggest reason my clients tell me they aren’t making progress on their teacherpreneur goals is a lack of time.

Between lesson planning, attending meetings at school, and family obligations, there never seems to be enough time to dedicate to accomplishing the goals set out for your side business or passion project.

My remedy to this perception of lack of time is to create an “ideal week template” both for work and personal life.

I was first introduced to the idea of crafting an ideal week template from influencer Michael Hyatt. Since then, I’ve introduced this idea to teachers and principals I’ve worked with all over the country. More than I person has told me that implementing an Ideal Week template has tripled their productivity.

How can an ideal week template help you accomplish your goals?


  • It will help you set realistic expectations for the amount of time you really have to dedicate to working towards business goals.
  • You’ll have pre-identified time during the week blocked off exclusively for working on goals.
  • You’ll better manage and maximize the time during the school day so you have more time to work on your business goals.

Here is a simple 5 step process for creating an ideal week template.

  1. Block off all recurring and non-negotiable tasks that occur during the week. This will include  time in the classroom, planning time, church, kid’s activities, and time you’ve dedicated to working in your business.
  1. Start with the school day. Analyze how you are spending the time you aren’t face-to-face with students. If you aren’t currently using your planning to plan, start doing so immediately. I’ve found that when teachers actually use planning time during the school day to plan, hours of time typically spent on planning at home is highly minimized.
  1. Analyze your personal time. Ask yourself this question and reflect on a realistic answer: “How much time do I really have to dedicate to moving my business forward?”  You may discover that you’ve been too hard on yourself because you have much less time than you originally thought. Here are some ways to discover more time in your days and weeks:
  • Wake up an hour earlier.
  • Block of two-three hours to work on your business on the weekends.
  • Invest in a Wi-Fi hotspot so you can work towards business goals when waiting for children at activities.
  • Stay at school an hour late a few times each week to complete the school tasks you’d normally complete at home. Then use the at-home time typically dedicated to school work to move your business forward.
  1. Once you have an accurate inventory of the time you can dedicate to working on business goals, plan out how you will use that time. My mentor, Dan Miller, suggests that anyone with 15 hours to dedicate to their business spend 3 hours each week on education, 4 hours with clients, 4 hours on marketing (blogging and social media included), and 4 hours creating paid content. Modify this suggestion to fit your needs. Each of these blocks of time should be included in the ideal week template.
  1. Now that you’ve done the work of creating a structure for yourself, follow-through.

Will you be able to follow your ideal week template perfect every week? No! But perfection is not the goal.

The goal is to create a structure that we can hold ourselves accountable to that will move us closer to achieving our goals.

In the comments below, share what goal you could accomplish if you employ an ideal week template.

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  • I love how you break down the time so we can be more efficient. Thanks for sharing these great tips.

  • mirinadler

    I am not technically in education but this is definitely useful! Thank you.

  • I’m not a teacher, but your tips are very helpful in me managing my day.

  • OMG this is awesome! I think the “follow through” is the hardest part!

  • Corey Wheeland

    I think these ideas are useful for anyone, not just teachers. Great tips.

  • Tineke F

    This is definitely a great idea! I love time blocking, helps me get so much done

  • Mara

    Great tips for anyone, especially helpful as a homeschool mom who has been struggling with time management. Thanks!

  • These are great tips. I’ve been seriously contemplating investing in a wifi hotspot – maybe for Christmas 🙂