4 Surefire Ways Edupreneurs Can Increase Productivity


Many times, educators find themselves beginning their edupreneurial journey while still holding their full time teaching position. As a result, being an edupreneur requires you to understand the art of effective time management.

One of the reasons many educators sight for delaying becoming edupreneurs is they simply cannot find the time. By increasing productivity and decreasing the amount of time that is misused, more time to can be allocated to pursing goals aligned to creating the life you want. Here are four actions to take to add time to your day by increasing productivity.

  1.     Get clear on your goals.

One of the most difficult aspects of starting a new venture is not know where you are starting. This leads to wasting precious time doing the wrong things. Spend time up front to clearly outline your big goals so that you can focus your time on activities that align to meeting the goal instead of spending time on tasks that won’t move the needle on your goal.

  1.     Wake up earlier.

The quietest part of the day is often in the hours of the early morning. There hasn’t been an opportunity for others to impose their agenda upon you and you are in the best position to define your day. Use this time to read books and listen to podcasts aligned to your passions and unique skills and begin to develop and implement a plan of action. Studies show that the most productive entrepreneurs put their feet to the ground three hours earlier than their first work-relation obligation of the day. Imagine what you accomplish towards your goals if you woke up even one hour earlier each day.

  1.     Employ checklists.

For every task that has to be completed regularly, develop a checklist. Doing so will increase your likelihood of following a workflow that is most time efficient. Start this practice while working your day job.  For example, if you currently write curriculum for your school district and you desire to become a freelance writer, began to develop a checklist that you can follow in order that outlines the most efficient process for producing stellar lessons or assessment items

  1.     Turn off your notifications.

Notifications have a way of turning our attention and focus from what’s important to what’s urgent. Each time a notification distracts your focus you’re allowing outside influences to control where your attention goes and how long it stays there. By turning your notifications are off, especially when working, you are less likely to waste time responding to emails and engaging in social media.

If you manage your time by implementing these practices, you’ll have more time to allocate to tasks that can change the trajectory of your life and get you closer to your edupreneurial goals. To increase your probability of success, try implementing one change at time and add another as they’ve been mastered. What are you best productivity tips? Leave your response in the comments or Tweet me @EdupreneurToday