3 Essential Principles for Every Freelancer

3 Essential Principals for Freelancing Educators-2

Freelance work has quickly become popular. Teachers can find themselves working as freelance tutors, assessment writers, or professional developer. With more and more Americans becoming entrepreneurs, multiple freelance gigs can be more reliable than one traditional job. As a freelancer, one has the added benefit of choosing their own schedule, possibly working from home, and removing incomes limits from their salary.

Making an honest living as a freelancer is possible, but like anything else, your services have to be presented well to potential clients.  Your value proposition should be clear and service should be delivered with professionalism.  While freelancing may not be for everyone, here are some tips to consider for freelancers who want to be taken seriously:

  1. Time is of the essence. Clients can be apprehensive about outsourcing for fear of missing deadlines with freelancers. Gain your clients’ trust early by consistently meeting all deadlines. Doing so will ensure satisfied clients and increase their likelihood of contracting with you in the future.
  1. Online Presence is Important. Doing so will make you appear more professional. If you offer more than one service, have a tab dedicated to your freelance work so clients can easily find a portfolio of past projects. Include reviews and testimonies from past clients if possible. Your resume will look more credible when it’s published and easily detectable online.
  1. Credentials Increase Respect. Being a freelancer means you are brave enough to offer services outside of a company or firm. Getting credentials and joining professional organizations gives clients comfort that you take your line of work serious. Research professional organizations in your niche and join at least one. If there are none for your niche, get to work and become a founder!

Freelance work can be lucrative if you know how to govern your services and solicit solid clientele that will support your business. Consistently over delivering on services will set you apart from other freelancers.

Two books to read to gain more in debt knowledge on freelancing are: The Freelancer’s Bible and Creative, Inc.  What are the principles you believe are critical for freelancers? Comment below or tweet me @KianaPorterIsom to continue the discussion.