From Middle School Teacher to Edupreneur

I’m Kiana, and I’m an Edupreneur. I’m passionate about empowering Educators to earn more money and work a flexible schedule while remaining in the field of education. Here’s my story.

I used to be a teacher, which I really enjoyed. There’s something about having a positive impact on students that outweighs all of the negative aspects of being in the classroom. After my years in the classroom, I was worked as an elementary and middle school instructional coach. I really enjoyed instructional coaching because I was able to travel to and speak at conferences, further broadening my insights and perspectives of the field. When I started teaching, I thought I’d teach forever. I had no plans to leave.

I then began to have dreams of accomplishing things like purchasing my first home, traveling on great vacations, and saving for my daughter’s college and I realized that those things would be difficult to accomplish as a then single mother on a teacher’s income. I also longed to be able to volunteer in my young daughter’s classroom and attend daytime school functions, which is near impossible on a teacher’s schedule. I needed more flexibility to be able to be more present in the day-to-day activities of my daughter’s life without the pressure of missing work or not planning for upcoming lessons in the evenings after school. I decided to take control of my financial future and by starting my first entrepreneurial venture, a tutoring company.

I had been bit by the entrepreneurial bug! Since then, I’ve started (and ended) several independent, contract, freelance, and online ventures. Some have totally flopped and those I’m working on now are very lucrative and allow increased control of my daily schedule. I’m currently a consultant for a major publisher in education, a part-time curriculum specialist for a middle school, a seller on Amazon, and blogger for Edupreneur Today. It may sound like a lot but I earn more than I ever have and have more control over my schedule, which allows me to do what matters most to me, be a great wife and mommy.

I’d love to hear of your edupreneurial journey or aspirations. Leave a comment on this post, connect with me on Instagram, or tweet me @kianaporterisom to share your story.