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Teachers As Tutors

For teachers wanting a low cost of entry into Edupreneurship, few options are better than tutoring. Tutoring appeals to teachers because it is the very essence of what teachers enjoy doing, working with students to increase their knowledge in a focused area.

One benefit of tutoring is that teachers have the opportunity to work with students one-to-one or in very small groups. Providing this level of attention students can be challenging in a traditional classroom setting.

Another benefit of tutoring is the high hourly rate that can be demanded. Because academic assistance through private tutoring is highly tailored to meet specific needs, clients understand and are willing to pay the elevated rates that quality tutors deserve.

The more specialized the tutor’s expertise is, the more they can expect to get earn per hour. For example, someone tutoring in calculus would demand a greater rate than tutoring a student in fifth grade math.

One way to enter into private tutoring is working with a local tutoring company. These companies include big names likes Kumon and Sylvan. As with most everything, partnering with an established local company has pros and cons.

The greatest advantage is that you will not have the burden of recruiting your own clients. These companies have significant marketing budgets and often have more clients than they have tutors to accommodate. 

One disadvantage is that your rate of pay is typically already established and has little room to be negotiated. Also, because of the marketing budget and other expenses the company must pay, the tutor is paid a fraction of the amount the client pays the company for the service. Also be prepared to sign a non-compete form agreeing that you will not offer private services to the clients you service through the company.

Another way medium for earning additional income as a tutor is to partner with a company that offers virtual tutoring services to their clients. One prerequisite of this work is a high level of comfort working with different technology resources is a must. This type of tutoring often offers a high level of flexible in that you are working from home during hours that you pre-determine.

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