Who Else Wants Balance? And Edupreneur’s Guide to Work and Life Balance

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Edupreneurs is not only an educator, but in many instances is also a wife, mother, and entrepreneur. With so much responsibility, work life balance can become a balancing act.

Managing the varying schedules of family members, keeping with the demands of teaching, and dedicating time to growing a small business requires attention to detail and balance.

The consequences of not having balance are costly. Maintaining balance is critical because without it we jeopardize four critical assets:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Health
  • Productivity

Whether you are just starting a new ende

avor that requires you to start to think about how you will maintain balance, or you’ve been out of balance for too long, these strategies will help you ensure that you are allocating your time in ways that matter to you.

  1. Maintain a calendar. But take your calendar a step further by adding color. Select a color for each category of activities that you seek to balance including family, teacher responsibilities, and edupreneurial ventures. Color-coding your calendar will allow you to visually see at a glance where you are spending your time.  If something seems out of balance, adjust according and continually adjust over time. Google calendar is a free resource tied to your Gmail account that allows you color code items placed in the calendar.
  1. Say yes. Because time is finite, when you say yes to something you say no to something else. Don’t let that something else be the important tasks that add value to your business and your family. After creating your calendar, decide in advance to say yes the tasks that you deem as non-negotiable for your family and business. This may mean saying no to sponsoring another club or coaching another sport at school that doesn’t particularly interest you.
  1. Tweak Along the Way. Strive for consistency in balance, not perfection. Respect the season of life that you are in and understand that your situation will change and your time allocations will need to be adjusted along the way. In this season, you may not be able to dedicate a full 20 hours to your business because you have 3 young children and a full-time job. Do what you can now and as the children grow, tweak your plan and adjust up the amount of time you dedicate to the business.

Consider how a symphony is able to release its beautiful sound. It requires that each of the instruments is doing what they’re supposed to do when they’re supposed to do it. Your life is no different. Allowing one area of life to dominate, or play out of sync, does not yield harmony. A life in balance produces a harmony that allows each aspect of our lives to serve its purpose, which allows us to have maximum impact.

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  • Miss T

    This is a lovely post. That paragraph at the end about life being like a symphony is a beautiful illustration.

    • Kiana Porter-Isom

      I love music so the symphony created a great visual for me.