Imagine Working From Home And Loving Every Minute of It: 5 Companies That Hire Teachers To Work From Home

Imagine Working From Home And Loving It


Do you yearn for the flexibility that traditional teaching makes nearly impossible but still want to remain closely connected to your roots as an educator? You are living in the right days! Working from home as a teacher used to be next to impossible. In the digital age that we live in, there are a plethora of companies that are specifically looking to hire individuals with a teaching background to work from home. Don’t believe me? Check out five of these companies below!

  1. Remember when you first graduated from college, Teach for America was a sure way to have a job and live in a cool city so you didn’t end up back in your mom’s house? Teach for America has advanced! They still offer teacher placement positions in some of the coolest cities in the US and now they are offering remote positions! Refer to to apply.
  2. Based in Brooklyn, NY, The New Teacher Project (TNTP), was formed to give underprivileged students access to better teachers. They work with regional teaching fellow programs to prepare teachers for work. Online learning has expanded the teacher demand. Check out for more details.
  3. Were you wondering what happened to Encyclopedias? You probably had one of those grand collections sold on info commercials ever Saturday between episodes of Saved by the Bell. Now you can take all that knowledge and work for them. Encyclopedia Britannica has redesigned its company to offer online learning resources and they need the help of knowledgeable people like you. Visit for more information.
  4. Perhaps one of the best things to ever be created is Connections Academy, the K-12 virtual school that is absolutely tuition-free. With a 90% referral rate from parents, the online school is ever-growing and teachers are always necessary. Apply online at
  5. Have you ever heard of Shmoop? They offer a website committed to nontraditional learning alternatives. The site is geared towards middle school students and high schoolers prepping for college. If you want to work with Shmoop, there is one unique requirement: you must speak student! Learn more at

This list is a simple starting point to launch your new future as a freelance teacher. Think outside the box and the classroom with the services you can offer as an educator.